It’ll Buff is a brand 10 years in the making. Let’s face it, shit gets tough and things don’t usually go exactly as planned. It just adds to the story of this game we call life. As the saying goes, tough times don’t last but tough people do or something like that. I’m a big believer in that.

The American Buffalo is a symbol of resilience, manifestation, hope, and good times to come. Being born and raised in South Dakota, the buffalo was an animal that heavily roamed the Great Plains. It’ll Buff is a saying to me that means, ‘Things are going to get better or be okay.’ Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but eventually it’s all going to work itself out.

Long story short, these last 10 years of my life have been a winding journey. What we need to remember is that everyone walks in shit from time to time. The most important thing is to remember that, It’ll Buff. When one thing doesn’t work, something else will. I believe in that more than anything else.

I don’t know what’s next but the one thing I do know is no matter what happens, It’ll Buff.

– Conrad.